Current Roster:
Wake The Sun
John Brazell
Ultra Violent Rays
Midwest Dilemma
Pioneer Heart

Past Bookings:

Zeb Dewar, Young Valley, Jay Aymar (Canada), Gangstagrass, Brown Shoe, Chris Pickering (Australia), Lachlan Bryan (Australia), Alameda, Casey Lee Hurt, Amanda Jo Williams, Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers (Canada), Julie Gribble, Cello Fury, Ray Raposa, Elli Perry, Marius (Faroe Islands), La Resistance, Freak Owls, Backwater Opera, The Foot, Reid Perry, Melodime, The Saint James Society, The Song Dynasty (China), Satchel Grande, The Blackbird Revue, Little Birdie (Canada), The Great Nostalgic, Ty Reynolds, Kindlewood, Thunder Power, Gus & Call, Driftwood Singers, Cody Beebe & The Crooks, Jodi James, Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship, Jessie Torrisi & The Please, Please Me, Union Specific, Nate Currin, The Alternates, Traveling Mercies, Blue Bird, Sarah Aument, Nick Jaina, John Klemmensen and the Party, Christopher Bell, Aaron Daniel, Rachel Pearl, David T. Carter, The Geese (Canada), Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides, Jami Lynn, City City, June Star, David Robert King, Big Tree, Mad Planet, Nano Whitman, Bear Crossing, Mike Gibbons, Gwyneth & Monko, Davin McCoy, Fools For Rowan, Tony Benn (Ireland), Rio Bravo, MaryAnne Marino, Horse Opera, Kelli & The Shadowmen, Havilah, Cole Rua (Ireland), Sarah Benck, Boyd & Wain (England), Damn Bullets, Arthur Dodge, Brad Hoshaw, It's True, Cameron McGill, Bryan Ragsdale, Brydan Smith (Canada), Tom Thumb, Uncle Lucius, The National Reserve, Matt Whipkey, Kyle Harvey, Reagan Roeder /

Note: WWB keeps pretty busy with an ever changing roster of international touring artists. However, we do like hearing from artists about tour plans/ideas but we are not always able to help as much as we would like. In case we are not able to help book your tour, please visit our friends at IndieBooker to get your dates filled in! We don't want to see/hear anyone out there with a bunch of open dates. This site is magical and can get you booked in US, Canada, and Europe!